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Mar 17, 2015

Guest Blog: St. Patrick's Day by Baby Doll

Today was St. Patrick's Day.  That's a day when you have to wear green.  Otherwise you'll get pinched.  I wore a green leotard and some green tights for dance.  For breakfast, I ate a green biscuit and for lunch I ate Frozen cereal.  Then I went to Bossy's house.  We watched My Little Pony and Barbie Life in the Dream House.  They are my favorite.  It was really fun. 

We went to Chik-fil-a Kid's Club.  I made a hat and wrote some words.  Drama Queen helped me.  And we got to pretend to be workers at Chik-fil-a and serve people ice cream.  Then we got an ice cream!  For free!  And then we went home. 

And then the kids played Tramp-Ball-Tag and we watched a movie called The Secret of the Kells.  There was a fairy in the movie and a boy and an old man.  The fairy lived in the forest and the boy was trying to go out of the city wall into the forest, but it was too dangerous in the forest and his Uncle said he couldn't go out of the city walls because there was dangerous stuff out of the city walls.  And he went into the forest!  And then bad guys came and then the movie stopped working and we don't know how it ended.  :( 

For dinner we ate green jello, and we ate cabbage, and we ate potatoes with cheese and butter and ham.  It  was yummy.  Mom and Dad and Grandpa went to Prima Donna and Crafty's Monster Concert.  The girls did really good.  Princess also showed us this cool experiment that she learned for Pre-school.  She had these green ball things and we poured some water things and then it did this cool trick and disappeared.  There were coins inside and then we got to play with the coins and sticky stuff came with them. 

Finally, after scriptures Dad told us about how he got a raise!  We are so happy for him and everyone ate a little bowl of ice cream before bed.  Then Drama Queen and I wrote the blog so Mom could go to sleep.  She was so tired.  It was a good St. Patrick's Day.  How was yours? 

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Natalie Ockey said...

Wow! Great post Baby Doll!


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