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Mar 30, 2015

Asking the Boy

Princess got all the kids involved helping her prepare to ask a boy to Girls' Pref. They were up way too late last night filling balloons with confetti and little scraps of paper that spelled out the word PRINCESS.

Yeah, she really did invite him using her blog name. She thought it might throw him off a little, but he knew right away.

They waited until he went to his mission prep class and then she took the kids with her and they scattered balloons and candy all over his room and hung streamers in his doorway. It was a little like the way he invited her to prom last year.

When he popped the balloons to find her name, I think he was a little surprised to get showered in confetti, but it didn't stop him from popping every single one.

Just guessing, now, but I'm thinking he will probably say YES...

Unless he is mad about having to clean up that mess.


LeAnn said...

Oh, I love the creativity of this one. Way to go Princess!

Marci said...

Super cute, and I can't wait to see pictures from the dance!


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