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Mar 5, 2015

Parent/Teacher Conferences

I spent pretty much my whole day at Parent/Teacher (student) conferences! A couple of years ago, our high school changed to this all day format, but only for one day. The kids are all out of school for the day and the parents sign up for 5-minute appointments with each teacher. The problem with that is the parents have to run all over the school and if you don't have your student with you, some of these classes are almost impossible to find, even with a map!

Princess and Prima Donna totaled 15 appointments, so I started at 11:50 and finished up after 3:00. It was pretty grueling. Princess opted to go to the temple, so she didn't even come with me. Prima Donna joined me for a while but left about 1:30 to get a haircut. I forged on by myself until I had spoken with all but one of their teachers (he was not at the school or I wouldn't have missed him either).

After I got home I ran cookie orders until 4:45 when it was time to pick up the little kids from dance. Crafty and I dropped them at the house and headed for her school. Yeah, the middle school had conferences today too.

At least they still meet in the gym so we didn't have to traipse all over the school. Most of the lines moved quickly. I think people were just tired from spending most of their day at the high school... oh wait... maybe they weren't all like me.

Most of my children are excellent students, so sometimes I wonder why I bother to go and visit for a few minutes with their teachers. But I do think that is one of the reasons they try hard and work for good grades, because they know their education is important to me and I want to hear what their teachers have to say, good or bad.

So I sit there. Hopefully for a few minutes of one-on-one time with my kids too. Usually that keeps the line from getting too boring. And if not, Crafty will pull out my cell phone and take selfies until the last thing I want to be is bored...

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Marci said...

Wow! That is a lot parent/teacher conferences! My high school didn't have parent/teacher conferences unless a student was really struggling, then they'd schedule one. Way to survive this long day!


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