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Mar 29, 2015

Random Weekend News

My Girl Scout cookies are gone! I'm so happy about that, you have no idea.

First of all, when there are cases and cases of them in my living room, it's way too easy to help myself to a cookie every now and then. Pretty soon I've eaten the whole box!

We had a very relaxed troop meeting yesterday and the girls finished up the Room Makeover badge by putting together these cute wreaths. This one is Scout's. They were all so fun and so different!

The Dog Walker decided we needed a few Easter lights this year. Nothing elaborate like the big holidays of Halloween and Christmas, just a little fun. The one's on the porch railing are pastels and the ones on the windows are eggs and flowers. It didn't cost much and it made him so happy. :)

Around our baseball and softball practices today, Bossy took the kids to Toys R Us for what is called a "Lego Build." Each of the kids got a little free kit with 99 pieces in it that they got to bring home. Sport and Curly were super excited about theirs! They also went to Lego Crew at the library this week. They all love building things and using their imaginations. I would much rather have them do that than play non-stop video games. They have to interact with each other and work together to make something really cool that they can hold in their hands when they are finished.

Some of the girls went with me to the stake center for the Women's General Conference meeting tonight. Princess and Crafty had a dance competition so they didn't come and Drama Queen is in Idaho. Teach went downtown and watched it at the Conference Center. Their group was only about 20 rows from the front. She said they had amazing seats!

Fajita, Scout, Bossy, Prima Donna and I sat in the darkened chapel and watched it on the big screen. It was pretty nerve wracking because Prima Donna has her electronic baby for her FACS class this weekend and we were all afraid the baby was going to start fussing and she would have to take her out. Miraculously, she stayed quiet for the entire hour and a half! Considering she was awake about half the night last night...even with my bedroom door shut I could still hear her crying...not Prima Donna, the baby. Although with the lack of sleep, she might have been crying too.

The kids love having the baby though. Even the little ones hold her gently and like to give her a bottle. Prima Donna named her Grace and she sings Amazing Grace to her.

Just like a real baby.
Without the poop and spitting up.
...and the laundry.


LeAnn said...

You always do such amazing things with your girl scouts. I too love the cookies and bought some of course.
I loved your Easter Lights. I think that is awesome.
I love the story of the electronic baby. What a way to teach what it takes to care for a baby. However, I think what it can't do is still some of the main things that they need to learn before becoming a parent.
Love and hugs for this one!

Marci said...

I love Dog Walker's light displays! I really wish he was around to help me figure out how to put lights up at our new place! And congratulations on getting your cookies sold. I thought of you guys as I bought and ate a few boxes of my own! That lego build sounds like a blast! Our library is starting a lego club and I hope it's still around when Emma is a little older and can go to it! She loves her Duplos!


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