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Mar 23, 2015

A Little Down Time

This weekend was not as crazy as some weekends are. I already told you about our trip to Funtopia on Friday, but I didn't tell you what Princess was up to. She was mostly in charge of a carnival for the Hope Kids on Saturday. She spent her day making 250 sugar cookies and the frosting to decorate them with. Then she and the Drama Queen made this cute fish pond.

On Saturday morning she had a job interview at 10:00 and then she had to have all her stuff at the carnival by 11:30. It was a little crazy, but she managed it. Oh, and at some point in the morning she found out that the princesses they had lined up had canceled on them so she was dressing up herself and her sisters so they could all be princesses.

One little girl followed Crafty around the entire time and called her Aurora...

The girls did skits and helped with cookies and wands and fun for these Hope Kids. It was a ton of work, but so rewarding. My kids love service.

The Dog Walker had a busy weekend. He watched these cute little dogs from Thursday through Sunday. He also had a Choirside tonight that he performed in. This is a pic with one of his missionary companions after the performance.

My sweetie worked most of Saturday, but then he ran me to Utah County for a Tupperware errand and then to Penney's to buy him some new clothes for his upcoming work trip. On Sunday we had all the kids to our Sacrament meeting because the girls were the special musical number singing As Sisters in Zion. According to my sweetie we sounded great!

Then Scout had a talk to give and after church we had choir practice. Oh, and Crafty had to make a grape launcher for school. I finished binding another of the baby quilts for Daylen's Eagle project and Sport managed to pass off the Digital Technology merit badge for scouts while Curly completed a Soaring Leader project.

You know, on second thought, maybe this wasn't such a quiet weekend...

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