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Mar 20, 2015

King Midas

About 7:30 tonight when I got home from the district meeting for Princess's trip to Washington DC, Sport casually mentioned that he had to do a little play about King Midas.... tomorrow! OK, maybe he wasn't so casual. He was pretty much freaking out at that point. He's a lot like Princess, he doesn't do anything halfway.

The Dog Walker took him to the dollar store so he could find some gold things while Princess and I ran to the grocery store. They were much more productive. He brought back fake coins, little trophies, and a gold piggy bank. It was a good start, but we were still trying to come up with something to help him turn things to gold.

I found a bag full of metallic gold flag scraps and Curly pulled a piece of gold fabric from the craftroom. Drama Queen rounded up a gold sweater and the only thing left was a crown. I'm so glad she is a pro at costuming! She even came up with a way for him to throw metallic fabric scraps from his sleeves so it looked like he really had the Midas Touch.

What would you do if you had the "touch"? Would you want gold? Or maybe something a bit more useful... say... chocolate?

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