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Mar 16, 2015


Princess was talking about how she only has a few more weeks of high school and then it will be over. Her life will change completely, but will mine? That will mean that exactly half of my children have graduated from high school and at the same time (assuming the Dog Walker passes his math class), exactly half will have also graduated from at least a 2-year college. And one fourth of my children will have earned Bachelor's degrees.

Bossy graduated from high school in 2002 and now 13 years later, I'm halfway through. Sometimes it feels like forever! How long have I been going to parent/teacher conferences and helping with the PTA and attending preschool graduation?

It's been so difficult to realize that Baby Doll is completing these same milestones and for me she will be the last one. The last preschooler, the last in diapers, the last to lose her baby teeth, the last to learn to walk. When I think back to all the things we have done over our 32 years together, it feels pretty overwhelming for my sweetie and me. And the even scarier part is looking to what the next 32 years will bring.

I think that watching Teach and her boyfriend has me ruminating on what happens after we choose to spend a lifetime together. Just because we love someone, does that mean we will never argue or disagree? Never get angry? Never wonder if it is all worth it?

We are all human and we all make stupid mistakes. Thank goodness for forgiveness... for humility and patience and hope.

And love.

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