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Mar 7, 2015

Filming Day

Once again the Dog Walker gets to be a little famous. Remember when I told you about the Graduate of Excellence honors he received? Well, today was filming day.

We arrived at the Salt Lake Community College Jordan campus just before 3:00. The cameraman was still setting up his gear, so we visited at a nearby table while we watched. He had 2 cameras, a backdrop, lights; almost like a little movie set.

The Dog Walker has done several interviews, so he was not at all nervous, in fact, he enjoys it. They took about 15 minutes of video clips and then some stills. His whole story will be about 45 seconds. There are 7 Graduates of Excellence representing each of the seven colleges.

I didn't dare take too many pics, but I did sneak this one in for you. Sorry about the angle, but I was just an observer this time. Maybe we can get a copy of the final cut I can post for you. It won't be until May. I know they still will follow the Dog Walker around and shoot "B" roll. I'm not sure the exact definition of that, but I do know it will be silent scenes of him that can be played while the interviewer talks.

Just so much excitement around here!

1 comment:

Marci said...

Wow! I hope they are able to give you a copy of the final product so you can share it with us! I Would love to see it! I'm so proud of Dog Walker!


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