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Mar 28, 2015

Blast From the Past - San Francisco, 2004

 I may have shared some of these pics with you before, but I was excited to find the entire file this time. We took 2 trips to San Francisco in consecutive years, so I hope I'm getting this one in the right year. (If I'm not, I'm sure the Dog Walker will 'nicely' let me know.)

We drove down and spent about a week there touring the sites and seeing the bay. That was the first time we discovered City Passes and their cheaper prices made it possible to do things we probably wouldn't have done otherwise. We got to see the Aquarium Under the Bay and then we took a ride out into the bay. We decided not to take the kids to see the prison (and I think that tour was full anyway).

One of our favorite places was Ghirardelli Square. The kids always love free candy! The Exploratorium was our most exciting stop. I think we could have spent the entire week in there. The Dog Walker especially liked the long tube that echoed all the way across the room. The whole building was full of fun science and learning opportunities.

As you can see, Sport was little and slept most of the trip in his stroller. Crafty was about the same age Baby Doll is now and she loved seeing new places and trying new foods. She did NOT love it when people spoke to her and her favorite place was always right beside me.

Princess is the one in pink pants with all the attitude and Prima Donna is wearing her all-time favorite pair of green stretch pants. She eventually wore those completely to rags.

Teach is wearing the pink shirt and in 2004 she would have been 13 and Drama Queen in the green shirt would have been 15.

You can probably guess which one is me. Why do I always let my sweetie take the pics? Then my silly looking face is the one recorded for all time...


Anonymous said...

I think it wonderful you and your entire family could go on many vacations together, family time and memories the kids and U and Your Hubs will never forget..Makes for a happy family, out and about..I lived in the bay area in the 70's it was a wonderful place san Francisco and Berkeley too!! I lived all around the California areas now in Washington state and lived in colorful Colorado, it is like Utah a lot, dry and sunny all the time,when it snowed it melted fast, I loved it when it actuallty rained I would dance in it knowing it would stop as fast as it began..You live in one of the most family friendly desirable and reasonable states to live and raise children, low taxes and also the running start program for kids in high school like we have here..It is usally 266 days of rain here but this year it broke all heat records I think global warming is horrible, the ski season a bust and the poor farmers will be at the mercy of water controls, usually it is lush and wonderful not so much anymore, the town I live in used to be family friendly, now they have to build more jails for juveniles because many people abandon their parenting responsibilities and let their children live willy nilly, with no faith based lives and no discipline and no love from a wonderful Mom and or Dad no two parent families, the kids cannot raise themselves, your faith the LDS church is the one exception the kids my child knows from childhood are outstanding human beings, with good jobs, careers that pay a nice wage, husband and wives with children they actually adore, love and raise with a great faith and discipline and care..They are amazing human beings, it must be your faith and Love I don't see it in any other faith here in our town..They step up the LDS parents and really raise and accept their parenting roles...Have a blessed Easter a Blessed Passover, you are wonderful people who parent, love and discipline your familia. ciaoXXX()()()()

LeAnn said...

Always fun to see your posts. This was fun because of how the children have changed. We lived in San Jose for a while and we enjoyed going into San Francisco. My husband had served in that mission and been assigned that area so he knew his way around. I loved having him as the tour guide.
I have missed your blog post while on my blog vacation. It is nice being back and I will have to look at more of your posts to get caught up.
Hugs for you all!

Marci said...

I don't think I knew about your trip to San Fran, it's fun to see the kids when they were 10 years younger!


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