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Mar 2, 2015

Another Crazy Weekend

I hesitate to share any craziness today. I don't want it to feel like I'm whining. You know my sweetie says I like the craziness and I think he is probably right because I just keep doing it although some of it (as I'm about to tell you today's story) is not within my realm of control anyway.

So let's start with the things I could have changed this weekend.

Theoretically, I could have insisted Daylen schedule his Eagle project a different weekend, but when we were looking at the month, the 27th seemed like a great idea. Once it had been announced for 3 weeks, changing it suddenly got much more difficult. It didn't really matter that my family was sick and on Thursday I, myself, was puking my guts out. (I did reschedule my Activity Days meeting and feeding the missionaries...)

OK, so we understand why Friday had to be crazy. Well, if I wanted to change my Saturday, I would have had to do it months ago, because it was cookie pickup day. It actually worked in really well around Bossy's softball projects and the Lowe's class. My sweetie took Sport to his chess tournament early and then he headed off to work for the day. Sport scored 3.5 points this time and won his very first trophy! So cool!

But I digress...

It wasn't my fault that the cookie pickups were running 45 minutes behind. Or that as we pulled into our neighborhood it really started to snow and we had the cookies on an open trailer. It's amazing how quickly many hands can bring 3500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the house when they are in danger of getting soaked!

My sweetie returned from work and got ready for his 4:00 priesthood meeting. I goofed around with cookies until it was time to get ready for the 7:00 adult session of stake conference. Bossy took all the younger kids and Drama Queen to her house, Prima Donna went to the play at the high school, Princess and Teach both had dates, so it was just the Dog Walker, my sweetie and me.

We went out for a sandwich and ice cream afterwards and by the time things settled around here, it was after 1:00 AM.

The conference session this morning started at 10:00, but since Curly and Scout were singing in the special musical number for the closing song, we wanted to be near the front. My sweetie left with his car full at 9:20 and the rest of us got out the door about 15 minutes later. Scout was complaining of a tummy ache and since we have had so much sickness here this week, I took her very seriously.

We slid into the row and the prelude music was still playing. People were milling about and I suggested to Scout that we run to the restroom. We took Baby Doll with us too, just in case. As we headed back to the chapel, I again offered to take Scout home, but she shook her head. She had been practicing for this song for 3 weeks and she didn't want to miss it. She and Curly had been chosen specifically by our music leader to represent our ward and she took that very seriously.

Random Pic of Scout
After we got seated back in the chapel, I glanced at the clock and noticed we still had about 7 minutes before the meeting would start. I looked at my church bag full of crayons and fruit snacks and wondered how I would feel if I had to dump it on the floor to catch the contents of Scout's stomach. A tiny voice reminded me that I knew exactly where the small garbage bags were located in the custodian's closet. Two minutes later I was back in my seat with a tiny bag. I opened it up just in case right before the Stake President stood up to begin the meeting.

We were halfway through the opening song when Scout heaved into the bag. Thank goodness the organ covered up the sound, but nothing could cover up the smell. I was grateful my sweetie had chosen two side pews instead of one in the middle. Scout and I were on the second row, carefully hidden by the backs of her brother and sisters.

When she was finished, I found a tissue in my bag and wiped her face. I knotted the other bag tightly, but still left some room in case we needed it for round 2. After the kids sang their first song that included all the primary children (and I had to carry Baby Doll up to the front and lift her over the railing so she could stand by Curly), Scout and I hoofed it to the restroom. It was a false alarm, but we were out in the hall so we could stay out there for a while.

The meeting was scheduled to be 2 hours long and her special musical number was the closing song. We were still on the first speaker! I dumped the bag in the garbage can and we started roaming the halls. We finally sat on the steps to the stage so we could hear the speakers. Did I mention that I had already armed myself with another small bag?

We decided to re enter the chapel during the rest hymn. That meant one last speaker. Then they moved the rest hymn and as we were hurrying up the hallway, Scout cried out one word, "BAG!" I shoved the bag toward her face while simultaneously steering her into a nearby classroom.

When she was finished we headed for the restroom and cleaned her up yet again. We finally made our way back to the chapel and she rested against my shoulder until it was time to sing. She sang like a champ as I tucked that last little folded up garbage bag into my church bag...

...since I really can't control everything, I can at least be prepared.

That makes it much easier to enjoy the craziness!


Anonymous said...

I think I would have skipped your church activities for one day, really I think God would understand, puking your guts out and then your daughter puking herself well I think I would have left and got your daughter cleaned up and rested and called it a day, really one day and the Lord would understand you did far more than I would ever have considered for my faith! I know God would not condemn you or anything..

Mom of 12 said...

It wasn't me! I would have been happy to take her home. She was just so excited to perform and she didn't want to let anyone down... I wonder where she gets that from? ;)

Marci said...

Wow! What a weekend! We had a little craziness too--hopefully I'll be able to blog about it soon!

Alisha said...

I understand your cutie pie wanting to stay and perform, but really, think of all the people you exposed her sick germs to. I have a micropreemie who I'm trying to keep alive this winter, and of course we're keeping her home except for her doctor's appointments. But even come summertime, when we can have her out in public, I would be pretty frustrated if I saw a sick kid throwing up and still staying around all those people.

Natalie Ockey said...

Wow! She is one pretty determined girl. Poor thing being so sick.


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