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Mar 12, 2015


I promised you several stories from Tuesday and I still have one left. If you remember, our chasing back and forth to Layton had to do with the State FCCLA competition. Remember back in February when Princess did the FACS camp at the high school?

She wrote that up as her STAR event and made a cute trifold and practiced her speech. Last year she and Prima Donna did their project together and they earned a Gold Medal at state, but it wasn't enough to qualify for nationals. With her one-act competition on Tuesday, Prima Donna didn't even get to present her project, but Princess did and from everything I hear and see from her reviews, she was amazing!

She earned a 2nd Gold Medal all by herself this time.

And she won first place at state in her category.

And she qualified for nationals and a week-long trip to Washington DC.

So proud of you, Princess!

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