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Mar 21, 2015

Funtopia - Lehi

One of my favorite things to do with my blog is visit some fun new place that I may have never noticed without an invitation. We are just so busy, sometimes we get focused on what we know and the places we typically go. Funtopia is anything but typical!

When we first got the invitation, we pulled up the website and watched the video several times. The kids were so excited to find a rock-climbing gym just the right size for them! This was one of those places where even Baby Doll could have a great time.

Since Friday is our short day and our best opportunity for fun, we scheduled an appointment for 4:00. The good part about that is that we didn't have to wait because we were already on a magic list. As soon as we arrived, they fitted the kids with harnesses and then escorted them to a meeting room for a quick safety video. Moments later, we were in the gym.

Sport and Bean Dip were fascinated with the big spongy blocks and they kept trying to climb them, but the blocks would fall over before they could get very high. Curly and Burrito were fearless and they immediately climbed to the top of the highest walls.

My favorite one to watch was the buildings that ran in a square getting progressively higher. As the kids climbed, their cords helped them keep their balance until they were standing on top of the tallest building I'm guessing about 20 feet in the air. Scout was the first one to make it all the way up and then she threw herself down and the cable brought her mostly gently to the ground.

It took a while to convince Sport he could go all the way up as well, but he finally left the comfort of the large blocks and took his chances. After an aborted attempt halfway up, he tried again and eventually got to the top and thoroughly enjoyed the ride down

Baby Doll was afraid to get very high. She never did make it all the way to the top because after the first time, she was too excited to "fly" and she never got higher than halfway up before she was throwing herself off with a fit of giggles.

They have this gigantic slide, but the kids had to put on a red slippery outfit and then be pulled up by a cable. Curly thought it was super fun, but it took a while to convince the girls they wanted to try. Scout got quite a ways up, but let go before she reached the top, so when Baby Doll was all ready to go, I kept telling her to "hold on" until she was very nearly at the top. She is so small that she was speeding down the slide fast enough to make both of us nervous, and when she got to the bottom she didn't know if she should laugh or cry so I took the lead until we were both laughing at her daring adventure.

All too soon our time was up. Burrito was so disappointed that he hadn't been on the big slide, but as the other kids were removing their harnesses, the cute girl who ran the slide motioned for him to come over and she quickly dressed him and sent him up.

The staff was always helpful and they were much quicker at changing out the carabiners than we were. One thing that surprised me was that parents were allowed to wander and take pictures and help the kids on and off the equipment.

As we hustled across the parking lot so we could get home in time for me to keep score at the basketball games, the kids were all talking about how next time they wanted to do this or that first. So I'm definitely thinking our first trip won't be our last.

Thanks, Funtopia!

**We were given free passes to try out Funtopia, but the opinions are all our own.***

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Marci said...

That place looks amazing! Sounds like a great day


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