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Feb 27, 2014

The Little Mermaid

Posing afterwards
With Ariel
After a couple of months of rehearsals, today was finally the big day. Curly's kindergarten class put on their operetta, The Little Mermaid.

We attended the dress rehearsal yesterday so we could film it. He was nervous and he spoke too quickly, so I was worried for him tonight. The dress rehearsal had about 20 people watching it. Today the audiences would be more like 300 - 400 for each performance!

We waited in line outside the building for 10 minutes until they would let us in. It was kind of silly, really, like lining up for concert tickets or something. As it turned out, there were plenty of seats for everyone and we really didn't have to worry.
With Scuttle
With his teacher

By 6:30 when the show started, the kids were bouncing off the walls, but they quickly settled down as the kindergartners took their places on the steps of the stage. Curly was in the back row with all the other main characters. I told you he was Sebastian, right?

Ariel was much more nervous today and she kept flipping her dress and twisting her hair. When my older boys were nervous they used to shake their hands. I was expecting the same thing from Curly and I wasn't disappointed. The first time it was his turn in front of the microphone, and shook both hands quickly up and down even with the long red gloves before he started to speak.

But he did a great job! He spoke slowly and clearly for the most part even though he dipped his head a little so he wouldn't have to look at anyone. His solo of Kiss the Girl was clear and sweet and he only faltered once on the lyrics.

I was just so proud of him! He loved being on the stage and his grin was wide and proud.

So was mine! :)


Marci said...

I love it! I can't wait for Emma to do things like this! Curly is so adorable in his Sebastian costume (although maybe I shouldn't call a boy adorable?)!!! Way to go, Curly!

Marci said...

Oh, and also, you did a GREAT job making his costume!

Denise said...

Beyond precious.

LeAnn said...

What a very precious moment for just an adorable one. Just way cute!


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