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Feb 21, 2014

Letters from Texas

I actually missed e-chatting with Teach this week. When Presidents Day rolled around on Monday morning, I just assumed that she would not be able to go to the library since all the libraries in Utah are closed. I was so wrong.

After we got back from breakfast and shopping, I opened my email to discover that I had missed her by about 30 minutes! I was so disappointed, but happy to see that she still shared an amazing story with me.

I was given the opportunity in zone conference to bear my testimony (they had the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders organize the meeting). I was given 10 minutes to train. It was the night before and I had NOTHING. This was to be a pretty big event and I knew not what I would say. Talk about a boat load of stress. But I kept reading. I kept praying. I kept... making stuff up. 
I was guided to the valentine from my brother that was sitting on my desk. I remembered the testimony the Dog Walker had written to me for my birthday. (This was about 20 minutes before we had to leave) and I felt impressed to pull it out. It is a very simple testimony. I don't have it with me but it basically says, "I have one testimony. I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe in the Book of Mormon and in the Bible. I believe in many things about the LDS church." Something along those lines. (: It melts my heart. 
It also reminded me of another testimony I had read recently. That of Elder Bruce R. McConkie in the Purifying Power of Gethsemane. The final witness he gave of Jesus Christ before he died. It is a flippin' power house. With the idea of sharing those 2 things I set out to the meeting. It wasn't until President was sharing his opening remarks that my training/testimony pulled itself into a reasonably organized matter. I was so nervous. I will share with you what I wrote to my mission president about the experience: 

This week has been a huge spiritual feast! I can understand more fully what it means to rely on the Lord as you teach and as you learn. I have never felt such a powerful testimony than that of my own during zone conference when I felt the Spirit confirm to me the things that I know. I am so grateful for that opportunity because I cannot deny the truth that I feel. I know that I know these things are true. And when the devil sends forth his mighty winds to try to dissuade me I will reflect back on that moment when I stood in front of 40+ ordained servants of the Lord with shaky knees and sweaty palms but although the flesh was weak my spirit made a connection with the Holy Spirit and the truth cannot be denied. This is real, President. The church is true. All of it. 

It was such an outstanding experience. I knew with all of my heart the moment that the Spirit took over. You know that scripture that says you won't be confounded before men? I know that the promise is real. I had no idea what I would share. But as I said the words "God lives. Jesus is the Christ. There are angels serving here with us. The church is true." The words which I spoke penetrated into my soul. It was phenomenal. I am excited to watch that testimony in heaven someday because it was... it was monumental. (:  

I absolutely loved that. (: I hope you can feel the truth of it. Because this is real. (: 
Have an awesome weekend everyone!!


Anonymous said...

My goodness what a testimony of her faith in God and the LDS church..She is on fire with the holy spirit.. The Lord is enveloping her and His words and truth..She is changed forever for only the GOOD of GOD!!! My goodness sakes when she returns to her parents (you and your hubs) she will be so different! God will guide her even more so for her Mission..Her graduate studies will be important but not like her mission for her LDS church..She will be guided to her future forever husband too, I have seen it and it is true and I am not of your faith, the Lord blesses those who share their faith in a mission no matter what it is called in other religions..After the person returns to their familias they are changed forever only for the GOOD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This usually includes meeting a husband and or wife for all of this life on earth and in heaven too, that is my belief..Praise to the Lord your daughter is doing so very well, it is a testament to your faith Sandy and your husbands faith and parental teachings, mostly love, discipline and a real family! If only others could make the sacrifices you do for your familia and love them and cherish them and guide them with their faith of God, all juvenile justice centers would be empty they truly would be, God's blessings to you and yours as your daughter continues in her Mission for your faith LDS!

Denise said...



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