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Feb 19, 2014

Hundreds Day

That's Curly in the gray and white striped shirt.
One of my favorite special days for kindergarten is Hundreds Day! I've been very fortunate to be able to go to that celebration with most of my youngest children. I like it because it is different and fun and there is never a conflict with the upper grades. Like for the Halloween party, I had to choose one child to support out of the three because generally the parties are all on the same day. And kindergarten is really the only grade to celebrate Hundreds Day with a party and a special visitor.

No, I didn't get to be the special visitor. It was a Super Hero called Zero the Hero! He dressed in fancy clothing with a bunch of zeros, fancy glasses and a cape, but most of all, he came bearing treats... a donut for every child in the class because they look like zeros, of course.

I was in charge of the counting treats station. We had 10 different treats, cereal, candy, marshmallows, stuff like that. The kids each had a counting mat and when they had counted out 10 of each treat, they had a hundred treats to take home in a little baggie.

Baby Doll playing in the kitchen.
They loved this activity! They only problem we really had was with the Lemon Heads... they kept rolling off the mats. I took Baby Doll with me this time and she was really good. She played in the little kitchen most of the time and only got upset when a real baby joined her and started pulling everything off the shelves and making a huge mess in general. She took it in stride though and after her awesome job cleaning up, Curly's teacher gave her one of the extra donuts.

Happy Hundreds Day, everyone! It's the perfect day to count out a hundred treats and then eat them. But if you use Lemon Heads, you might want to put them in a bowl...


Denise said...


Marci said...

How fun! I remember 100 day in 1st grade, it was so fun! I love the counting station you did, that looks great!

Anonymous said...

Baby doll is so kind and loving, for the last of your 12 children she is wonderful..how proud you must be of all of your children they are amazing..But it really is you Sandy and your Husband who are amazing, the love, religious upbringing and attention you give to each of your kids..if only other parents can be that way maybe they can by reading your blog. God's blessings to you and your Husband, ciaoX()

LeAnn said...

Cute pictures of a very fun activity. It did look like a fun one and of course I am always up for treats. The baby doll is such a cute little one.
Blessings and hugs!


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