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Feb 6, 2014

Cool School of the Week

I got up really early this morning. Princess and Prima Donna had to be at the high school early because they were leaving for BYU for their FCCLA competition. Remember that cute video I showed you a couple of weeks ago about fruits and vegetables? Well, they were presenting their project.

But that's not actually why I got up early.

What are you so stressed about, Drama Queen?
I really wanted to see Drama Queen on TV. She was very excited that her high school had been chosen as the FOX 13 Cool School of the Week! So at about 6:30, my sweetie switched on the TV. But it just couldn't be that easy! FOX plays a couple of minutes every half hourish, so even if you want to turn it off, you can't since you never know exactly when your story will play.

I was busy texting with Drama Queen in between segments. After not seeing her in the first two, she confessed that ooops, she was standing behind the cameraman! Really?!  I asked her what she was wearing and tried to get her to describe where she was in the gym in relation to the action on the floor.

She moved to the other side of the camera and positioned herself on the right-hand side of the student body. After describing her bronze shirt, I was ready to look for her again. The next segment featured the choir and I was finally able to spot her!

Sadly, after that she texted me that the faculty had been moved under the basketball hoops so they were essentially out of the picture. But that didn't make me turn off the TV! I left it on for every segment until 9:00 just hoping things would change and I would see her again.

No such luck, but I did recognize some of her students from the musical, so that was fun.

If you have a minute, check this one out and see if you can spot her in segment 6. Oh yeah, did I tell you she dyed her hair black for my birthday?


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