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Feb 22, 2014

Phone Pics

Princess and Prima Donna and I were just chillin' on the couch, reflecting on our crazy day when Prima Donna started going through old pics on Princess's phone. I swear, she had tons of stuff I have never seen before! So I got this brilliant beyond brilliant idea to have her choose three of her favorites so I could blog about them. Let's see how it works out...

Random Pic #1, Crafty, Princess, Bossy (and a small piece of Burrito).

I have three thoughts for what could have prompted such faces from three of my daughters...

1. They just opened the freezer and discovered that all the triple cookie mint ice cream is gone (Bossy is cool because she actually hates mint-flavored ice cream.

2. They were just assigned chores for the day...

3. Curly just said his first "bad" word. Where's the Lifebuoy?

Random Pic #2, Princess and Prima Donna.

1. Just doing our civic duty by voting for Homecoming King!

2. Just received second quarter report cards... no wait, I mean 1st quarter, Prima Donna, 1st quarter....!

3. Just leaving the theater after seeing Frozen for the 146th time!

Random Pic #3, Dog Walker and Princess

1. Are you kidding me? I only saw Frozen THIS many times!

2. Dog Walker, I know there were two donuts left...

3.  Have a great weekend! Peace out!


Natalie Ockey said...

Your first picture is mislabeled! It should say: Bossy, Princess, and Crafty. I read left to right.

Cute post, though!


Denise said...



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