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Feb 26, 2014

Selfie Photo Shoot

I don't get the selfie thing. I know, I know, it seems to be very popular right now, but it just isn't my thing. First of all, I don't like to look at pictures of myself, so it just stands to reason that I wouldn't want to purposely take pics of myself either.

Second, why do people want to put pictures of themselves on the Internet when they are looking silly, pulling faces, or just acting like idiots in general? When I look bad, I certainly don't want to share it with the world. The point being, you will never see selfies of me on this blog.

For my girls, that's a different story.

Teach must have been way ahead of her time, because she was (and still is!) taking silly selfies from the time she was big enough to push the button on the camera. I remember saying to her, "Can't you just smile for the camera?" and "Someday you are going to be sad when you see that there are no beautiful pictures of you, just goofy ones with your mouth wide open."

She still sends me selfies from her mission and you know what? Most of them have silly looks!

Princess and Prima Donna are just as bad. Actually, Prima Donna is much worse! She can't ever smile in a picture without it looking extremely painful. When we were at the Safety Fair on Saturday I was snapping pics and when I came to her she pulled a goofy face and I said, "Can't you just smile for once?" I was surprised when she actually complied. That is the pic of her in the white shirt.

After Princess and I got home from basketball practice tonight, the two of them went into the bathroom and I could hear them giggling. About 5 minutes later they opened the door, proudly presenting me with their "photo shoot."

At first they declined when I asked them if I could put it on the blog, but after a couple of minutes they relented, so here are some of their silly pics. Hope you enjoy them. I would rather just see their stunning smiles. :)

**Bossy sneaking in this post to add this.  First of all my beautiful mom drives me nuts when she only likes pictures of herself from the neck up.  Seriously, all these children have grown up with you mostly looking like you look.  We aren't going to remember what you looked like in high school.  That doesn't mean you aren't beautiful.  It drives me crazy to think I used to do the same thing and avoid or delete pictures of myself because the camera caught that extra chin or my muffin top.

Finally I wanted to link to this video below, because I love the message.  Dove does an amazing job promoting real women and real beauty.  If I get assaulted with 200+ goofy pictures of my sister the next time I pick up my work phone.  So be it.  She is confident and beautiful.  A lesson that took me 28 years to learn.  Selfies can change the world's perception of beauty.  And Mom, I love knowing my sisters are happy, goofy and so full of love.  Maybe you can try to get into the photo more.


Prima Donna said...

Just so you know, I never said she could do this! Second of all, I'd just gotten home from dance, hence why I'm wearing spankies and tights. Just if you wanted to know...

Denise said...

Love, love love the pictures.

LeAnn said...

I too don't like the selfie thing. However, I do like smiles and once a while some of the goofy pictures. I am always getting my husband to take pictures of the two of us when we are with our children taking pictures. I want them to know we actually attended the party.


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