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Feb 13, 2014

Guest Blog: Rootstech 2014 by Prima Donna

 Crafty, Fajita and I got an awesome opportunity last Saturday!  We got to go to Rootstech!  It was a super cool family history convention put on by the LDS church and ancestry.com  Fajita's stake was invited and she thought Crafty and I might like to go, once I heard what was on the schedule I was on board right away. 

We got there and the first thing we got to do was attend an awesome devotional by John Bytheway!  Then we went into the section with all the booths there was a really cool byutv booth where Crafty got her super awesome glasses.  As we were walking past, the man running the booth said, "Don't miss the Studio C show at 3!  They are out in the lobby right now signing autographs."  I didn't have to think twice, we ran out to the lobby!  The line was huge!  It twisted around like 5 times and then went up two flights of stairs... but who cares we got in line right away. 

I could barely control my excitement I think I almost started crying multiple times.  Every time I'd see a glimpse of one of them I'd be like "Crafty, did you see...!"  and then she'd have to calm me down.  I was fan-girling....bad.  At one point Jason saw me in line during one of my freakout moments and he looked at me like "Is she ok?"  That's when I noticed I should probably try to contain myself.  We were getting closer to the line and in a heart beat, I was standing right in front of Whitney Call! (or Meek, but whatever)  She said, "How are you?"  and that's when I noticed I wasn't breathing and couldn't talk because I was smiling like an idiot so all that came out was, "H-h-happy, this is the best day of my life!" 

Then Crafty got some cute pictures and we went down the line.  I love them on TV but I love them even more in real life. Thy are just so loving and happy.  Then James Perry with more swagger than I thought anyone was capable of having said, "Hey, how ya doin?"  Yeah, no sound came out that time.  Before I knew it I had "talked" to all of them, and we were out of the line. We picked up our autographed posters at the end and Crafty walked away with a couple of pics which I was mostly oblivious to, hence why I'm not in them.

Anyway, after the best moment of my life, we had to go to a family history class we arrived like 20 minutes late because the line took so long.  The class talked about how we can share our family history on Facebook and that we should put some of the inhumane amounts of pictures we're taking on our profiles on family history sites so that our future generations can find them.  It was a really cool idea! 

Waiting in line...
After that, it was finally 3 o'clock, time for Studio C!  They interviewed the cast and I learned some pretty hilarious facts and then they showed us some super top secret sketches for next season!!  After that we cooled down a little bit as we got to hear from Elder Neil L. Andersen, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. He taught us how family history work has blessed his family. He stressed finding our cousins and going beyond our immediate line or helping out a friend with their family history. 

After such a wonderful day it was time to go home, not empty handed of course (I'm pretty sure it's impossible to leave a convention empty handed.)  It was a wonderful day and I can't wait for Studio C season 4!

You can find the rootstech devotionals online at lds.org and season 4 starts on April 7th, but for now you can watch Studio C sketches online at byutv.org or look them up on youtube.


Marci said...

Oh man! Sounds like a blast! I love Studio C! When I was in the hospital after Emma was born was when we "discovrered" Studio C, and I watched a ton of clips on youtube (the hospital internet wasnt good enough to watch a full episode). I sure do love those cast members, especially the ones that were in Divine Comedy when I was at BYU!

Thanks for sharing this experience with us, Prima Donna!

Denise said...

Nice post.


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