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Feb 12, 2014

Getting Ready for the Grandparents' Program

One of the big deals in 2nd grade at our school is the Grandparents' Program. The kids spend a month or so writing their best stories and learning to sing some fun songs. The teachers prepare a slide show with pics sent in from all the families.

When Drama Queen and Teach were little, this was a much bigger deal! We didn't have digital cameras and phones with built in equipment. We had to take real pictures and have them developed at Walgreens and then send them in.

I remember one of the teachers even insisted that the pic had to be submitted on a slide! Does anyone even remember what a slide is anymore?

Anyway, pics are still not easy to get. We had to wait until Grandpa got home from New Zealand and then convince him to come over (that was easy, we just had to say "party!"). Then we had to actually remember to take the picture...

The Gym Rat's birthday worked out great, but it still wasn't easy. Just as we were getting things set up, we had all these photo bombers show up! I finally managed to drag them out so we could get something cute. After Grandpa left and I was downloading pics, I noticed this funny black line on some of them.

Any ideas on what would cause that? I'm going to have to see if Prima Donna can help me photoshop them out, otherwise we have to have another party so we can get Grandpa back up here. Oh wait, that's not a problem, Burrito's birthday is next Tuesday.

Grandpa, you up for another party?? I'll bring the cake... and the camera. :)


Denise said...


Marci said...

How fun to have Grandpa close enough! I remember always having my mom come to school with me on grandparents day. She was a grandma, just not mine!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

That sounds like an awesome program!

LeAnn said...

I would say that you got some very precious pictures of a grandpa and his grandchildren.
Sweet and blessings to all!


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