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Feb 8, 2014

Sugar Cookies

I have eaten SOOO many sugar cookies today!! And if you ask my kids, it hasn't helped a bit...

I'm still not sweet!

I have been so grumpy today. I think it's because I knew before I even opened my eyes this morning that today was going to be a difficult day. My sweetie eased me into it by getting most of the kids off to school before he headed off to work. I realized Scout was still in her bed when the phone rang and it was the school pointing out that she was absent and I should have called. Within 20 minutes I delivered her to the office to check in.

Half an hour later I dropped off Curly for kindergarten, then I ran to the shop to pick up Gamer after he dropped off his truck for repairs. We picked up my serger from the repair shop since we were already halfway there. All of those errands put me WAY behind. That's about when the Dog Walker called to tell me he had failed his Biology test.

That is not me, that is Prima Donna! Scary, huh?!
I had all the Girl Scouts coming by at 3:00 to make Sugar Cookies, so I spent the next hour cleaning up and getting ready for them. Thank goodness Princess mixed up all the dough last night.

They had lots of fun making cookies! After they left we finished cooking up the dough for neighbors and I'm going to try to send some to Sister Teach in Texas.

I spent the rest of the evening eating cookies and helping the Dog Walker get all his assignments in on time. He writes all his papers, but he always appreciates a quick edit before they are submitted. I hovered close this time just to make sure all 12 were in on time. We submitted the last one just after 11:00 which was pretty good since it wasn't due until midnight!

I guess it wasn't really a bad day, just super stressful, and how do I deal with stress??



Denise said...

Me too sweety.

LeAnn said...

Oh, what a day but I am sure you enjoyed those sugar cookies. How do you do it all; it's a miracle to me.
Blessings for you all~


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