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Feb 24, 2014

Girl Scout Facials

I just love having a Girl Scout troop! These girls are so fun and they are big enough that they want to do big girl things. So I called my friend who is a Mary Kay lady and scheduled some facials. She was actually really excited to come over and work with the girls.

I love troop meetings like this because they get a chance to learn a little about health and beauty and taking care of their bodies...

... and I don't have to teach them anything!

Bossy and I just sat around and watched while Salley did everything. Princess, Prima Donna and Crafty left for their dance class before we had a chance to take the pics but as you already know, they are beautiful too ;)

In fact, I hadn't really planned to blog about this meeting until one of the girls said, "Are you going to put pictures of us on your blog?" I didn't even realize they liked that! I might have to do it a little more often. We do have meetings pretty much every other week.

Don't they look pretty?

I prefer the picture with the smiles.
What do you think?


Denise said...

Fun time.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I did this with my daughter and a few of her friends back when she was in 7th grade. It was time for the girls to learn how to take care of their skin and how to apply makeup the right way. A very fun memory. :-)

LeAnn said...

They are just beautiful,of course. I had the calling of Activity Day leader a couple of times and we did this kind of activity and nails were a hit too.


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