Feb 23, 2019

Review: Mama's Jewelry Makes Earrings Too

Twizlet and I were so excited to get a small black and red box in the mail this past week. I already knew what it was, but she didn't. Mama's Jewelry was nice enough to let me choose something else on their website to review for you and this time I chose these gorgeous garnet earrings.

Garnet is my birthstone and I have always loved the deep red color. These particular earrings can come in any birthstone and honestly, I wear whichever ones match my clothes, and usually only on Sundays or when I have some other important outing.

My only problem with these earrings was the clasp. It was fancy and different which at first made me a fan, but they also made them difficult to put in the first time. I'm sure after the first couple of times that would be no big deal, but they stumped me a little at first.

Check out their website. They have some amazing pieces for Mother's Day. I strongly recommend the Tree of Life. Your mom will love it! I'm sure the nice people at Mama's Jewelry will still accept their holiday gift code USFAMILYBLOG10.

Tell them Sandy sent you.

That means you too, Twizlet. Your mama would love them!

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LeAnn said...

Oh, these earrings are lovely! I think I will look into this one.
Blessings and hugs!