Feb 18, 2019


On our family room wall we have a family tree and somewhere under that tree is a very important word... Laugh. Now I'm not saying that is our primary function as a family, in fact, we have not always been great at doing it, which is why it felt so important to put a reminder on the wall. Every once in a while, we need time to have a good laugh!

Since it's President's Day weekend, we have had some extra time to spend together as a family. On Saturday we made a trip to Sam's Club to pick up a few groceries and some binders for a project I have been working on. It just so happens that when we counted off, we were at 7 and although my car seats 8, that would leave us almost no room for groceries.

As usual, Sport offered to drive, so my sweetie rode with him and the girls climbed in with me. Unusually indecisive, Curly finally jumped in with the other boys and collectively, we made our way to the store. After wandering around and buying a few things, we stopped at the deli. They didn't have enough free samples for us to call it "lunch," so we bought a whole pizza and sat down to eat.

When we were filled and loaded, we hit the road. The boys were a bit behind us, so we took a nice leisurely pace down the parkway. At a random stoplight, the boys finally caught up with us. They wanted to give us crap for trying to take a selfie while we were waiting for things to turn green. In retaliation, Scout snapped their picture as well.

Sport has been practicing peeling out lately, and this light was no exception. It took me several seconds to realize we were suddenly in a race to see who could make it home more quickly (under the speed limit guidelines, of course). He took the closest lane and sadly, got stuck in traffic while we sailed around and through the outside lane. With huge smiles and a few cheers, we easily beat them home.

By a lot...

In fact, we had all the groceries unloaded and put away before they even pulled into the driveway.

"What took you so long?" I grinned, ready to talk a little smack. "Oh, we stopped at the church and did some donuts in the parking lot for a while," his smile was equally large. That's when I realized the joke was on us. In our rush to get home and show how amazing we were, we played right into their hands.

Next time we load the groceries into the boys' car and we go out for ice cream before we head for home...


Cindy said...

Oh no!! Those little stinkers! Glad you all had a good laugh, and learned a good lesson! :)

LeAnn said...

Oh, this experience made me laugh! Hugs for all~