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Nov 2, 2016


I try really hard to keep my blog family friendly, so I just want to warn you right up front that there is a bit of scandal involved in this post.

You all remember that my Baby Doll is in a play starting next weekend at Weber State University, and today she had another costume fitting and after that another 3-hour rehearsal. We have taken turns getting her to and from these rehearsals since it takes nearly 6 hours total when the fitting is also involved. Sometimes my sweetie and I have driven up together and we have wandered through stores or gone out to eat during this time.

Today my sweetie had a different idea.

After a few minutes on Hotwire, he found a cheap 3-star hotel and booked us a nice room. It's funny, in our 33 years of marriage, we have often talked about a romantic tryst away from home right in the middle of a workday, but we have not taken the opportunity to do it.

Until today.

We spent some of our precious 3 hours on the obvious, but we also got a chance to talk and laugh without kids interrupting. When I teased my sweetie about putting it on the blog, he said, "Do it! I want people to know that I love my wife and still want to have s-- with her."

So I took a few crazy pictures and with huge grins on our faces, at 5:40, we left the keys in the room and walked out of the hotel. This time we didn't even take advantage of the free breakfast, but it was still way worth the money.

Now where's my calendar? I know Baby Doll has more rehearsals next week...


Dog-Walker said...

Sounds like way too much involvement. :P

Anna Banana said...

This makes me happy. Happy marriage perk!

Natalie Ockey said...

Nothing like a little afternoon Wunga-Chunga!

Lucky You!


LeAnn said...

Oh, this one brought a smile to my face. Way to go you two! I recommend more moments like this for you.


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