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Nov 28, 2016

Finishing Up Thanksgiving Weekend

Today was another fun and eventful day. After church, we all congregated at Bossy and Gamer's church so we could witness Taco's ordination as a deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood. He was so excited!

Then we all headed back to our house for Scout's 11th birthday party. If you remember, her birthday was actually the day before Thanksgiving and I think sometimes she feels lost in the holiday craziness. My sweetie made her favorite, baby back ribs, and I did the birthday cake.

After the festivities were over, my sweetie and I drove Prima Donna back to Ogden since she has school tomorrow. Weber has been good for her. She is happy and I'm sure she has dropped at least 20 lbs. Amazing what not having a car will do for your thighs!

Last night, she and I and Scout took my friend's dogs for a walk and we sang Christmas carols the entire time. I love hanging out with my kids except that they each had a leash and I was on poop duty.

I hope you had a lovely and fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. I sure did.

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