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Nov 17, 2016

Foster Farms Corn Dogs Make Life Easier

You remember on Sunday when we had a birthday party for The Frog? We had some nice side dishes left over, but the kids had devoured all the chicken. I had a volleyball game and not much time when my 8-year-old asked what we were having for dinner.

Unfortunately, this happens way too often in my life. I don't like to cook and I can't afford to eat out, so I put things off hoping that someone else (Drama Queen or my sweetie) will bail me out.

Then I remembered those free coupons my friend, Jason, from Foster Farms sent me. It wasn't exactly gameday for everyone, but it definitely was for me, so that would have to count. I needed a quick solution that would go with afredo and green beans and after my busy day, I didn't need the kids complaining about dinner. Foster Farms Corn Dogs sounded perfect (and I would have thought so even without the free coupons).

I ran to the store while the Dog Walker heated the oil in the fryer. I didn't have much time. When I walked in the door, Sport started complaining about his stomach. Curly pinned me down before I could even get the cardboard box open, but it wasn't long before they were all munching happily.

One more meal down with relatively little pain. Bump, set, spike!

Seriously though, we have always been fans of the honey crunchy corn dogs made by Foster Farms and that's saying something. Curly is very particular about the kind of hot dogs he will eat and these are on his thumbs-up list. The price is great; here in Utah only $4.99 for 16, and sometimes they are on sale even cheaper. I prefer tossing them in the fryer, but the oven or microwave works too. The kids are all ketchup-only, but my sweetie and I are mustard fans. The website says they have other flavors available, like Chili Cheese and Cheese & Jalapeno, but they didn't have any of those where we shop. My kids don't really like the heat, but we are always up for a good chili cheese dog, so I'm going to keep my eye out for them.

Remember last month I told you about the Foster Farms Gameday sweepstakes and how you could actually win prizes by posting it on social media? Well, it is not too late. Here are the details and a link for you.

Foster Farms Gameday Sweepstakes
How you do gameday with Foster Farms Corn Dogs?... post a photo or video (less than 2 minutes) with #FosterFarmsGamedaySweepstakes and you could win a $100 retailer gift card this week, plus be entered to win a $1000 GameDay Party or VIP trip for 4 to the Foster Farms Bowl in Santa Clara, CA. For Foster Farms Game Day Sweepstakes official rules visit https://www.fosterfarms.com/fosterfarms-gameday-sweepstakes/

***We received free corn dogs coupons for our honest opinion of this product and a plug for their gameday sweepstakes.***

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Gosh, this does sound like a great last minute idea for dinner. In fact, i think I will get some boxes on hand for those grandchildren visits.


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