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Nov 20, 2016

It's Over

It's over.

I'm so sad, glad, relieved...

Yeah, I'm talking about Baby Doll and Prima Donna's play, but I'm also talking about football and the volleyball tournaments. These are all good things, but just so consuming.

My morning started out at 7:00 when I headed out for the church to set up nets for the tournament. I got back home just in time to bundle up for Curly's football game. They played on the big field at Jordan High School and after last night's heart-breaking loss, he was pretty nervous. We were all freezing, but thrilled with the 47 - 6 win.

As soon as we got back to the house, I headed over to the church to help finish up the volleyball tournament. After lunch we got the girls all packed up for the Oquirrh Community Pinewood Derby. They had 88 cars in competition. We realized pretty quickly that we would have to leave for Ogden directly from the race. None of the girls placed, but Scout won the "Most Realistic" award which is a pretty big deal. Only a handful of girls won anything.

We left for Ogden a little late, and the traffic was terrible. Baby Doll was upset that we were 15 minutes after call time, but it all worked out. We even had time to grab Chinese food before going back to the theater for the performance. Both of my girls were fabulous. The director gave Baby Doll a nice gift and told her to come back to visit.

The drive home from Ogden took us until nearly 11:00 and then my sweetie and I ran to Kohl's for a gift for Taco's birthday. We are having yet another party tomorrow.

Then I had a long phone conversation with Prima Donna (she always needs to talk after she finishes a show) and now it's the wee hours once again.

Maybe next week will be a little more calm.

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