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Nov 8, 2016

I Don't Like Driving

Getting behind the steering wheel of my car is one of my least favorite places unless I am just running around town and then I love it. To the bank or the store, schools or Sam's Club; none of those are a problem, but ask me to leave my comfort zone and I'm a bundle of nerves.

I just don't like driving.

Since we were married, my sweetie almost always climbs into the driver's seat and that is just fine with me. Except that I knew when I allowed Baby Doll to be in this production at Weber State that it would require me to make trips to Ogden. By myself.

Today was my day and I dreaded it all weekend. She had to be there at 5:00 which of course is right in the middle of rush hour traffic. I knew she would be up late so I had her take a nap. The Dog Walker brought her to the car and she slept until we were almost to Ogden.

There were no mishaps or minor crashes or anything out of the ordinary. I probably looked like pretty much everyone else on the road. Since this was a tech rehearsal, Baby Doll had to be there from 5:00 - 10:00. I spent 5 hours on the big purple couch outside the theater editing my sweetie's grandmother's history that his uncle is writing. (It's fascinating, by the way.)

At 9:45 they released the cast. We dropped off Prima Donna at her apartment and she brought me some ibuprofen for my pounding headache. Then we got on the road. I resorted to talk radio until Baby Doll got impatient and told me the commercials were too long on this station.

By the time we got to Woods Cross which is about halfway home, I was done with driving. We got off the freeway and made a quick potty stop at a Maverik. The night air cleared my head and the popcorn I bought settled my stomach so we got back on the road.

Thirty minutes later we pulled into our own driveway. Home at last. That was well over an hour ago and my shoulders still ache from the stress.

Or maybe it was 5 hours on that lumpy purple couch.

Thank goodness Friday is opening night.

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LeAnn said...

Oh, we have this in common. I have a phobia against driving especially on the freeway. I always try to plan any driving on the freeway when it isn't rush hour. When we lived in Las Vegas and I was traveling around as an Hospice nurse, my rings became misshapen from holding onto the steering wheel too tight. I decided long ago that I would keep driving or it would be giving into the fear.
So happy that you were safe with your Baby Doll; hugs for you both!


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