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Nov 6, 2016


It has definitely been a great day at the football fields for our family. My sweetie, Grandpa, Sport, and I all attended the championship game for Curly. He played an awesome game and his team came out victorious 14 - 6. They aren't finished with their season yet though, they have signed up to play in a second tournament that runs November 18 - 19. I hope it stays warm until then!

Hot Sauce also ended an undefeated season with a resounding win of 37 - 7. Bossy and Gamer started out at his game and then had to leave at halftime so they could watch Taco play. Taco's team was the 4th place team and they took out the #1 seed last week in an amazing game. We didn't get to see it, but from what I heard, Taco was an animal! Unfortunately, they lost today in a heartbreaking 12 -19 game with Viewmont. It was tied at 12 - 12 for most of the game.

Baby Doll spent the night with Prima Donna in Ogden and we picked her up after rehearsal this afternoon. Drama Queen and Scout went to the Recognition of Excellence where Prima Donna was honored for winning the Cornelia Benton Scholarship. Oh, and we made helicopters at Home Depot this morning. Other than that it was a pretty quiet day.

Except for that assignment Crafty had to do for foods class.

We stood around for nearly an hour while she looked at food labels and wrote down all sorts of information that the teacher will likely never read. The worst part about that is shopping for groceries out of boredom for me. The whole trip ended up costing me $60 and I didn't really need anything when I went in...

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LeAnn said...

It looks like a pretty sweet day with football and other fun activities. Do you really know what a true quiet day is? I think not! Always love reading about your activities. I love that Prima Donna got that awesome achievement. Hugs for all~


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