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Nov 14, 2016

Another Very Happy Birthday

We have so many November birthdays!

Today we celebrated The Frog's birthday with the family. It was a little tricky around tithing settlement and church, but we managed. My sweetie made BBQ chicken and alfredo. We started at 5:00 because Princess and The Frog still had to drive back to Springville afterwards. Everyone was here except for Prima Donna and she called a couple of times so it almost felt like she was with us.

The Frog told me this was his best birthday ever! I hope we made it just a little happier. He grew up in a small family with only one brother so I'm sure it was a bit different to have 25 close family members singing to him all at once. He told me the only other time that sort of thing happened for him was when he was on a band trip back in high school.

I think his favorite gift might have been the Tupperware cake taker because I put all the leftover cake in it and sent it home with them.

We were celebrating, but Grandpa had a stressful day after the earthquake in New Zealand until we heard from my brother. He and his family are safe and well although he did tumble out of bed when the quake hit. I know we are supposed to have a large quake in Utah sometime, but so far we have felt calm and safe here in the valley. Hopefully that won't change any time soon.We want to celebrate lots more November birthdays right here at home.

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LeAnn said...

Happy Birthday To Frog~ Another great post on your fabulous birthday celebrations. You are such a fun family! Blessings and hugs~


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