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Nov 6, 2016

Birthday Party for the Dog Walker

It was a good day.

Grandpa is starting his mission tomorrow and it was important for him to be set apart today as a missionary. He invited all of my brothers and sisters and their families and I invited my children. We met on the stage after church and it was full of chairs. There are more than 50 of us now at a family gathering like this.

His blessing was wonderful and then most of us came back to our house for ice cream. It was fun to visit for a little while and get caught up. After my siblings and their families drifted away, we worked on getting things ready for the Dog Walker's birthday party this evening.

At 6:00 we sat down to a dinner of chicken sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and chips. Everyone was here except for Prima Donna. Without a car, it is just so difficult for her to get down here on a Sunday. Besides, the play she and Baby Doll are in starts this weekend, so things are super busy for her right now.

The Dog Walker loved his gifts, especially the Halloween decorations and the candy. I think his favorite was Just Dance 2017. The kids had a great time playing while we got things cleaned up for cake and ice cream.

This coming week will be even harder than last week. It is Tech Week and the beginning of the play so Baby Doll with have to be in Ogden nearly every day. Drama Queen and my sweetie have each offered to take a turn, so at least I won't have to do all the driving.

But don't worry, hopefully I will still have time to keep you posted.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Happy Birthday to your awesome Dog Walker! As always it looked like a great family celebration. I also loved that your family all got together for Grandpa's blessing. Blessings and hugs~


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