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Nov 5, 2016

Playing in the Leaves

It has been a really hard week. I didn't mean to let you down last night, I just wasn't feeling it. My desk was piled high and the stress of the week...

Wait, let's just go back a bit.

You all remember that Monday was Halloween. Enough said about that. Except that I also had a doctor's appointment where he confirmed a pulled tendon in my knee. Thank goodness it wasn't anything too serious! Just uncomfortable and making it difficult for me to sleep and do stairs.

Tuesday was Bossy's birthday and she had a d&c scheduled first thing in the morning. At least Gamer was able to be with her during surgery and her subsequent recovery because he gave up his job on Friday after a blowout with his boss. I did get a chance for a little rest and relaxation on Tuesday afternoon as you already know, but it still required that dentist's appointment for Scout where they pulled a couple of baby teeth and filled one permanent one. She was absolutely miserable but insisted on going back to school.

On Wednesday morning I helped in Baby Doll's class then hurried home for a washer repair except the guy told me it just hadn't been installed quite correctly and really it is fine. Lots of stress for nothing... dance, football, YM/YW... it never ends.

Then yesterday I had to be at the school with Sport at 10:00, then at the high school right after for the Reflections Awards luncheon with Crafty. She did very well, but if you remember, I was the co-chair of that committee and it required so much work leading up to the luncheon that I didn't really enjoy it very much. (They asked me to be in charge of the program for next year, but I respectfully declined, aren't you proud of me?)

Then I met with my Tupperware manager so that she could take some of my extra stuff for her unexpected event this weekend (oh and we have had her dogs all week too). Then it was Cub Scouts, chasing for football, dance, and setting up for volleyball, and then 2 hours of playing the game (my knee wasn't very happy). I finally got home about 10:00 and after settling the kids for the night and finishing up homework, my brain cells were fried.

Today was Dog Walker's birthday and he had a date all lined up that fell through at the last minute because she had to work so he was pretty devastated. He took the Praxis this afternoon and then he went with me to the store for my empty refrigerator and out for ice cream. After we got Prima Donna back on the train for Weber with Baby Doll in tow (they have an all-day tech rehearsal tomorrow since opening night is next week!), we piled into the car and headed out for the free movie.

I finally had time to write a post for you (since I convinced Drama Queen to make my football banner) as soon as I got my Tupperware order submitted about 5 minutes before midnight. Tomorrow we have the championship games for our football guys. Curly, Hot Sauce, and Taco are the only 3 with games. Burrito, Salsa, and Sport's teams all were eliminated last week. I love football, but I'm glad at least one thing besides Reflections will soon be over.

I forgot to tell you that on Tuesday morning, bright and early, the Dog Walker took down his entire Halloween display. Baby Doll was so happy because she could finally play in the leaves. I need to take the time to join her. It's either that or the rain barrel...

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LeAnn said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have a pulled Tendon. My dear friend, you must slow down a tad. This post blew me a way with all of the different activities and you played Volleyball too??? What are you thinking! I am so happy to hear that you did know how to say no even if it is just once. You are amazing and I continue to love reading your adventures in parenting and all other roles you play. Big hugs for you~


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