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Nov 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a beautiful relatively quiet day of chaos here at our house, and I'm thankful for that. Dog Walker has been so upset all week about the fact that he had to work that it has been difficult to plan anything, but we finally got it together.

14 Layer Jello
Our annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving luncheon started at 1:00 because the Dog Walker had to be to work by 2:00. Curly played the role of Peppermint Patty with some help from Drama Queen. We added something new to our jelly beans, toast, popcorn, and chocolate pudding. Apparently one of Twiz's Thanksgiving traditions has been macaroni and cheese and he gladly brought over some to share. The kids loved it!

We had everyone here today except for Princess and The Frog and we will see them tomorrow. I've spent most of my free time today working on the quilt top for Bossy. We are planning to have a quilting bee tomorrow and that would be pretty difficult without any quilts to tie.

Something else different this year was that our older kids all helped out with the meal. Can you believe I didn't have to cook anything? Drama Queen took on the pies, Teach and Twiz did the macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes, and Beauty and The Beast smoked a turkey and made apple crisp. After things were rolling so well, we just assigned out everything, and Drama Queen did rolls while Teach and Twiz made potatoes, you get the idea. I think it's a great way to go!

Bossy took on most of the clean up and spent hours washing dishes. After running 4 loads through the dishwashers, she washed all the big stuff in the sink. The kids watched Christmas movies and I went back to my sewing. The quilt top is ready to be put on now, but I will wait and show it to you tomorrow after it is tied.


Gratitude Day #5. I am grateful for tape. When we set up the tables for lunch, the Dog Walker taped brown paper over all of the tables to keep us from having to use the real tablecloths twice. I used tape to close up the frosting bags for the cute Oreo turkeys we made while the food was cooking. Princess used colored duct tape yesterday to decorate a box and I taped up a different one to make it more sturdy. 

It's just one of those things I always take for granted... unless I am out.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I really like that you didn't have to cook the dinner. I love how they all divided up the work. What an awesome family you have.
We had 18 people here for dinner and it was chaotic. We did play games and I think everyone had a great time. This is my family from Heber city and Sandy area. The Grandson and his wife from Sandy brought to Proctor boys. They have a halfway home where they had three troubled young men that live in a an apartment in their basement and they monitor and help them learn how to work and manage money and etc. It was fun to share dinner with the two boys.
I am happy you had a good Thanksgiving and that tape came in handy. I vote for tape too.


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