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Aug 30, 2016

Scout is Seeing Red

Last week Scout told me she had been having trouble seeing the whiteboard from the back of the classroom. I thought about just asking her teacher to move her to the front, but with our history of bad eyes, I decided to take her to the eye doctor instead.

She was nervous, a part of her hoping for glasses and a part not wanting the hassle. It wasn't long before she received the verdict... glasses! But only for seat work, she could still dance without them if she wants, play softball; anything active.

The first pair she tried on were sort of like Harry Potter glasses without the tape to hold them together. For a 10-year-old girl, I thought something a little more fun and playful would be better, so she tried purple. They were cute, but nothing like the bright red ones I suggested next.

She took one look in the mirror and a huge grin covered her face. Red it was!

She must have asked me 10 times over the course of the week when her glasses would be ready. The "I don't know" answer didn't seem to appease her. Then this morning I got the notification. Her glasses were ready.

Right after school we headed for the eye doctor. The same thing happened. She put on those red glasses and the smile was huge.

Now she wants to dye her hair the same color...

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