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Aug 27, 2016

Girl Scout Awards Picnic 2016

We managed to survive our Girl Scout Awards picnic. It was actually so fun to have all of my girls except Princess there and mostly wearing their scout vests and being happy that they share that sisterhood.

We had sloppy joes, chips, and salads with Brownies for dessert, of course.

Baby Doll loves that her little cousin is in the troop and they were so excited to bridge to Brownies so they can earn some of the "big girl" badges. We bridged all 5 of the older girls to Ambassadors. The only one not moving up was Scout and she just moved last year. Most of the ranks take 3 years to change.

Prima Donna earned her last three patches as a girl and we presented her lifetime membership from the foundation.

I wish they would have had that when Bossy was a girl in scouts. I couldn't afford her lifetime membership when she graduated from high school even though it was half price. When Drama Queen and Teach came along, we were prepared and we had the money available. Then the foundation picked up the costs for Princess and Prima Donna.

The last lifetime membership I paid for was $175 at half price, so it's a big deal. But now they can be leaders without ever having to pay membership again. Someday I might even cough up the money to buy one for myself.

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LeAnn said...

I love that you do scouting with the girls. I know that it instills in them great values and learning to serve. Wow, the lifetime membership is a bit high. Happy for all the gilrs that are involved in this program. Hugs~


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