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Aug 9, 2016

Baby Doll's First Day

I think I missed an important milestone last week that I really wanted to share with you. And I actually really did almost miss it.

Baby Doll had her first real day of kindergarten last Wednesday.

She was so excited and honestly, I think she had pretty much gone to bed when I discovered that the Dog Walker wasn't at all prepared for his last day of math class. He had a portfolio and a final report due. He hadn't written 3 essays and 4 Polya problems (I know, but it's some new math term...).

It was about 11:00 when I made this discovery and I assured him that we would stay up all night if need be to get him prepared.

It need be.

It was 6:15 AM before I finally dragged myself upstairs and I had been snoozing at my desk for at least a half an hour before that. The sun was actually coming up. The Dog Walker was OK because he didn't have to be at class until 2:00 PM. I was the one that was in trouble.

My sweetie woke up as I was brushing my teeth and I explained the situation and begged him to make sure he at least brought Baby Doll to me so I could give her a kiss and take a picture before he took the three elementary-aged kids to school. That's about all I was good for. (Check out all my boxes of wedding stuff in the background of that pic. It will be nice to get my bedroom back.)

I did get up by about 11:00 so I could pick her up from school, but honestly, I was dragging the entire day. I even begged out of my Cub Scout duties. When I was younger I could easily do the 24-hours without sleep thing, but I'm getting old, I guess. I need to sleep.

But it was worth it. The Dog Walker passed his very last math class!!!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You are amazing and so dedicated to your family which is the way that it should be. I love that you helped Dog Walker finish his class. Very happy you got some sleep even if you had to miss part of Baby Doll going to school. Blessings for you dear girl!


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