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Aug 26, 2016


I sure feel scattered today.

It's like I can't feel finished with anything. I hate that feeling; you know, where you run from project to project and nothing gets done? Not even your blog post?

All week I've been trying to prepare for the Girl Scout Awards Picnic. Buy the awards, prepare the awards, buy the food, prepare the food, gather the vests and all the tableware... did I forget serving spoons? The picnic is at the church pavilion, so it's not far away, but I just want to feel like I'm on top of things.

Curly is getting baptized next week and I'm trying to get everything together for that. Today they brought over his white jumpsuit. Yesterday I bought him a new white shirt to go with his new suit that needs to be hemmed. And I haven't even begun to think about food for that one.

And my sweetie's birthday is on Sunday, so I grabbed ice cream and stuff to make coconut pecan frosting while I was at the store buying ice and a little fridge for Grandpa is keep his insulin in. He is all moved in now and enjoying the luxury of a king-sized bed.

Princess and The Frog are seeing Newsies at the Capitol theater and Baby Doll was all upset because she forgot her blanket to sit on for the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Then there is football and Cupcake Club, Tupperware orders to deliver, homework, Youth City Council for Crafty, dance; it just never ends.

Anybody know how I can lose 20 pounds before my sweetie's high school reunion on Saturday night?

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh dear girl; you are on overload. I see you still have your sense of humor so I won't worry yet. I seriously don't know how you keep it all straight in your head; let alone accomplish it all. You continue to amaze me. I think you should totally just go to that High School Reunion and recognaize that you are the most awesome woman there. Have fun with all the upcoming moments; they are all awesome ones. Blessings and hugs~


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