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Aug 12, 2016

Getting that Learner's Permit

Crafty will be turning 16 next month and we all know what that means. Except that she's not interested in getting her license.

At all.

In Utah, kids can get a learner's permit as soon as they turn 15, but about this time last year we were dealing with Prima Donna's broken leg and surgery and every time we tried to encourage Crafty, it was easier to just let her have her way.

A couple of weeks ago my sweetie issued the command that she MUST get her permit before she got back in school full time (I say full time because she has been taking a couple of classes all summer so she can take fun classes at high school). She wasn't very happy about that, but reluctantly agreed, so I drove out to the DMV for a hard copy of the Driver's Handbook.

Every time I asked her if she wanted to test, she declined, so finally on Tuesday, I told her that today would be the day. She was going for her permit, ready or not. So I picked her up right after dance and she shed a few tears as we drove the couple of miles to the DMV.

She had no idea what to expect and she was scared, even though we had been over things several times. We got through the paperwork desk with only minor hiccups and then she was given a number so she could take the test. I took a seat in the waiting room and started pinning serving aprons for the wedding.

After what seemed like forever, I assumed she must have started on her second time to take the test so I stepped out to the restroom. When I returned, she was sitting calmly in the waiting room, staring at the freshly printed Learner's Permit in her hand. She passed the first time through, 84%.

So proud of her!
Except now I have to teach her how to drive.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I must admit that I have loved it when my children learned how to drive. It made my life easier. They could run errands and pick up siblings. So happy she passed the test! Hugs for her~


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