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Aug 25, 2016

Riding the Course

Tuesday should have been Curly's first pack meeting for Cub Scouts, but instead he was at a mandatory dance rehearsal for production team. Remember when Princess was Mulan? Well, this year they are doing Peter Pan and Curly was cast as one of Captain Hook's pirates. Scout is also a pirate and Crafty is Captain Hook!

But I digress...

You probably remember that I'm a den leader for the Wolf Den, so I had to go to pack meeting anyway. Our Cubmaster had arranged a bike rodeo with the city and she was pretty disappointed with the number of kids, so I ran home and picked up Baby Doll (and the Cub Country patches I left laying on my desk...).

Baby Doll has only been riding without training wheels for about a month, so I was a little nervous about her ability to make the tight turns of the course, but she handled it like a pro. She is definitely not a spoiled youngest child. Her problem is that she is way too worried about other kids breaking the rules.


Cindy said...

I'm sorry there weren't many kids there, but glad Baby Doll did so well!

LeAnn said...

I remember pack meetings when the attendance was low and that is sad because of all the work that is put into them. Of course, Baby Doll did well; she is just so precious. Hugs~


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