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Aug 10, 2016

Love/Hate Relationship

I tried to get Sport to write you a blog post tonight about football, but he politely declined. He tells me he has a love/hate relationship with the game. He loves to play, but he hates to practice.

Since Sport was at Scout Camp during tryouts, he has only been practicing for a little over a week, although you would never know it from the bruises he has all over his arms. He works hard.

Tonight was his first scrimmage with a different team. He was playing left guard and all but one play that I saw, he did a great job protecting his quarterback. Sport and his quarterback have been good friends for quite a while now. They share the same last name and they have been on the same team almost every year they have played tackle football.

When Jackson gets rattled, Sport has a special talent for helping him settle down and get back to business. The two make a great team. Linemen are truly underrated. Without Sport holding down the line, those bruises would have been all over his friend, Jackson, and then Sport wouldn't be the only one who hates practice.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I love that he has a generous heart and took the bruises for his friend. He has a great work ethic, I see. Hugs for this boy!


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