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Aug 8, 2016

Best Bread Ever!

My sweetie made the best bread in the world today for Drama Queen's birthday dinner, and of course all the kids were here to enjoy it. Gamer has been spending the week with us, and he was the sous chef. He was much more careful than my sweetie at watching the roasting garlic in the oven that they made to add to the dipping oil for the bread. It was so delicious! After I ate a half a loaf of that and my salad, I was pretty full and barely tasted the rest of the amazing food.

We were treated to some Chicken Alfredo and Eggplant Parmesan. While we digested, we spent almost an hour playing dress up to make sure we knew what everyone would be wearing for Princess's wedding. That was probably a bad idea right after we had eaten...

Can you believe that we are down to less than a week until the wedding date?! After presents (Drama Queen got some super cute skirts for teaching and school supplies), we had cake and some yummy homemade apricot ice cream.

The birthday girl and I have spent the last hour tracking down a few missing wedding things on Amazon. Hopefully all the shipping dates are right. Otherwise...well we'll be up a creek without a (25 yards of 3-inch purple) ribbon.

What did you guys do this weekend?


Marci said...

What a weekend! We did some yard work (which I had your crew to help, we could get it done in like 10 minutes if I had lots of good helpers!), made pizza and watched lots of olympics! I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of the next few weeks watching the olympics, thank heavens for a DVR so I can watch everything I want, when I want!

LeAnn said...

Wow, what a weekend you had. I love your celebrations and the food sounded so yummy. I am sure I wouldn't have fit in any of the clothing after having that tasty food. It looks like she had a great birthday. I will pray you get your orders on time. Blessings for you!


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