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Aug 6, 2016

Free Papa Murphy's Pizza

I'm not sure why KSL chose South Jordan's Papa Murphy's Pizza to buy each adult a large pizza so they could go home and watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics together with their families, but my kids were sure excited about it!

Bossy texted us that the line wasn't too bad, so I sent Drama Queen and Princess to join her. We were watching the news, waiting for the kids to come back with the pizzas when KSL did a feature on the giveaway and there were Princess and Curly right behind the newscaster.

We also saw Bossy and her group of kids. I tried to find the original live broadcast, but I couldn't find it although this fun video on Facebook shows a bunch of my cute family members. You might want to rush through the first part, but they show up twice in the line outside the store, waving for the camera.

Thank you, Papa Murphy's and KSL. Dinner was great! So were the opening ceremonies

Except that Burrito was pretty annoyed when we asked him to take his turn being the antenna so the TV would work...


1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You are just so good at creating memories. I love that you got free Pizza and on TV too. Amazing! Hugs~


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