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Aug 17, 2016

Cougar Finally Died

About a year after The Beast graduated from high school, he bought himself a 1999 Mercury Cougar. It was 2005, so to him, the car was new and sporty and after he added a head-banging sound system, it was perfect. He paid $3500 for it.

He made payments for about a year when the engine blew. He still owed lots of money on it, so he took out a new loan and had our mechanic install a new engine. He rolled the two payments into one, but it was still barely all he could afford with his pay from Blockbuster Video.

Now let's jump ahead a few years. The Beast decided he had graduated from the Cougar and he needed something a little more grownup to drive (he bought a Pacifica...).
The Dog Walker was a sophomore in high school when The Beast gifted the car to him. Dog Walker was ecstatic and he drove the car all over town, but mostly to the high school and back. The Beast told him then that the car was on its last legs and would likely die before the school year was out, but it didn't.

It just kept running like it could go forever.

But it didn't.

Today we signed the title over to our mechanic so he could dispose of the Dog Walker's beloved car. Honestly, it is the only car he has ever had, so we are all a little sad about that. Fortunately, our mechanic had a little red Honda Civic he was selling. So today I put a car out of its misery and bought another one. I hope it gives us more than 10 years, just like the Cougar did.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Isn't it strange how a car can become like a member of the family?! It's hard when we have to let them go. :(


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