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Jul 22, 2015

The Celebration Continues

I had my Activity Days girls over today so we could celebrate Pioneer Day a bit more. They all pulled skirts and bonnets on over their clothes and we shook cream into butter and made button bracelets. We showed them how to pull dough flat into scones and then we fried them. We used the fresh made butter with a little cinnamon and sugar and they were amazing!

Crafty led them in a few more games and we read a couple of pioneer stories. I have such cute girls in my group, including Scout and of course we always add Baby Doll as an honorary member. Girls don't technically join our group until they are 8 years old and they age-out at 12.

On a different note, Drama Queen and I took Prima Donna to see the specialist today. He was 100% convinced that surgery was the only way to go given the possibility of instability in her ankle since she is so young. So we have to report at the hospital at 5:30 AM tomorrow. They are putting in a plate and a couple of screws. She can't have weight on it for several weeks while it heals although she has been cleared to head for Texas this weekend.

We got her one of those knee-scooters and she can get around much better on it. We are supposed to take our Girl Scout troop to Tuacahn tomorrow to see Beauty and the Beast. Drama Queen immediately offered to stay home with Prima Donna. Even though she loves the girls in the troop, she said she would much rather just take care of one of them than all the rest!

I was able to change their tickets so they can see the show in August when we return from Texas and we definitely won't leave until she is resting comfortably at home. I can't believe how stressful it is to leave my child under these circumstances, but I know Drama Queen is actually a much better nurse for Prima Donna than I am. I appreciate her so much!

If it's not too much trouble, would you mind praying for Prima Donna? She is nervous and not quite sure about tomorrow. Her mama would appreciate one too...


Marci said...

She's probably in surgery right now, and prayers are coming from Texas! Hope she has a good recovery!

Becky and Steve said...

I hope she heals quickly and is in no pain.

Anonymous said...

I am praying like no one's business for your daughter and you Momma! The surgery is not just a breeze, had a relative tear their foot up playing in a free for all soccer game, she came thru great but on the mend for 6 full weeks..She is a mom and and works outside the home, had to take all her govt. sick leave she accrued for years to heal, she stayed at home and our family pitched in for her two little ones, it was touch and go she wanted to do a lot but could not, just watch your daughter and in my opinion the trip would be off, because it is hotter than a pepper plant in texas and after the surgery she won't be feeling like jumping for joy quite the opposite, my cousin will never ever play a free for all game of anything, she had to have a lot of physical therapy and now she walks gingerly on the leg that she smashed her ankle and leg bone..never again as she says it from a person who was extremely active before the cost to her family was over $25, 000 that is what they charged her insurance an HMO at that..oh,when breaks the fibia and tibia those are important bones, but praying since your daughter is so young it will heal a lot faster, my cousin will never be doing anything funny on that leg and ankle and foot not at 39 years young no she won't her insurance paid it all but the family is what made her recovery fast, we took good care of her..family is forever in my book. God's speedy recovery to your daughter and for Mom and Dad too, I would cancel that trip for absolutely sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

praying for prima donna.

LeAnn said...

You can be assured prayers are on the way for that sweet one and for you. I am so sorry she has to have the surgery. I broke my ankle about 30 years ago and had surgery; so I can relate.
I loved your activity for the girls. I love scones; so that sounded super yummy.
I will be anxious to learn how the surgery goes and I am so happy you are cleared to leave on your trip.
Blessings and hugs for you all!


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