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Jul 29, 2015

Last Day in Fort Worth

We spent our last full day in Ft. Worth today. We were all tired, but I had already purchased tickets online a couple of weeks ago for the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Grapevine. Our arrival time was 9:15, so we couldn't sleep in much.

We didn't tell the kids about this one until this morning and most of them were pretty excited. The online reviews were mixed, so I was a bit nervous, but I didn't have to be. The kids thought it was great, especially the 4D movies. There were only 3 rides and some of us could only go on two of them, we weren't really expecting an amusement park, so we weren't too disappointed.

I was amazed with some of the structures! They had an entire layout of Dallas/Ft. Worth with important buildings like the airport, the stadiums, and the stockyards. They even had a tiny working mechanical bull! That was my favorite part.

Baby Doll loved the splash pad and they were happy to cool off before we left. It took us about 4 hours before we decided the lines were too long. When we first got there we didn't have to wait in lines at all. If I were to go again, I would definitely plan on the first appointment of the day.

We ate lunch in the van on the way back to the hotel. We had planned to drive over to the Dallas Temple, but I was so tired! I crashed on the bed for about 3 hours until the kids decided we needed to feed them supper.

We had soup in our room and then we loaded about half the kids into the van and we drove in to Dallas to see their sights before we take off for Houston tomorrow.

The buildings at night were spectacular! So tall! We have tall buildings in Salt Lake, but nothing that compares to these. We also rode across a beautiful bridge. Then we drove past the temple and I snapped a couple of pictures for you. Sorry for the bad cell pics. My sweetie has some with his good camera, but I thought he should get some sleep since he has to drive again tomorrow.


Denise said...

looks like it was an enjoyable trip.

Anonymous said...

Lots to do in the Lone Star state, good you could make some soup on your hotel..That is a great way to limit the amount of fast food one can consume..Ice cream probably is great to keep cool, just suggestions..Your large family probably is easier to feed than one or two kids who usually pitch a fit wanting all fast food stuff, or so I am told, enjoy your vacation..hoping your daughter with her leg and ankle heals and no pain!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say cooking in your hotel not on your hotel, it is only 100 here and climbing higher, pretty soon we will have had 25 days of over 90 degrees this year, hottest year in 100years in Washington state, big drought..Texas is hot and humid then torrential rains all the time and hurricanes to boot..But nice and loving people!

LeAnn said...

LEGOLAND sounds like a fun adventure. I don't know of any children that don't like Legos. It is amazing what they can make out of Legos. I didn't know that they had rides there too.
My oldest daughter lived in five different cities in Texas and we visited her at least once in each of them. We liked Fort Worth alot.
We did go to Dallas once for a Pharmacy convention. I loved the buildings and the temple.
Thanks for sharing all your fun! Hugs~


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