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Jul 18, 2015

Making Pillows

It seems we all prepare for trips in a little different way. You've seen my book already. And I keep picking up food and drinks at the store. I'm stockpiling them in my bedroom to keep the kids out of them although I must confess that I opened the almond sweet & salty granola bars and it's highly unlikely that there will be any of them left by the time we leave.

Drama Queen decided to make pillows for everyone when she is not serving her mission in the casting department of the BYU Motion Picture studios. She has convinced Curly and Baby Doll to help her and now it has become a large and fun project.

Check out the first two she made; cute little matching turtles. Tonight she and Curly were cutting out a dinosaur and a whale. I love that she has them actively involved! I don't think kids are learning enough homemaking skills like sewing anymore.

Give me a few days and I will show you all her fabulous creations.


Denise said...

looks fun.

LeAnn said...

That's so neat that she is making the pillows and letting the other children help.
It looks like you are getting close to the take off. Looking forward to your trip posts.
Hugs for all!


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