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Jul 24, 2015


Teach and Drama Queen left before 7 this morning. They were in Denver eating Craig's chocolate chip cookies by 4:00.
We weren't.
The Dog Walker had his final parade downtown today, the Days of 47 parade. He was pretty excited to be on TV. As soon as their band was finished, we piled in the van and headed to South City Campus.
We had only driven a few miles but it was enough for Prima Donna to become really uncomfortable. While we waited for Dog Walker, we did some major rearranging. Then we hit the road and didn't stop until we got to the Little America in the middle of Wyoming. We enjoyed lunch and an ice cream cone and then we were rolling again.
A couple of gas stops and Wendy's crispy chicken sandwiches later and we checked into our Denver hotel about 9:00 pm.
We settled quickly and my sweetie got right to bed. He has lots of driving to do tomorrow. It's 12 hours to Fort Worth and that doesn't include any ice cream breaks.

Thank goodness for air conditioning and a good book. And a secret stash of Craig's cookies.


Denise said...

praying for traveling graces.

Anonymous said...

How long are you to be gone?????? It is hotter than a pepper plant in Ft. Worth a lovely city, hoping you get to see what you wanted to see and do what you wanted to do..Prima Donna sounds like a doll she is holding up well, she won't be using that leg for a good long while and will be careful as can be from now on!

LeAnn said...

I haven't had a moment to start reading about your trip; so I am now. The beginning started out busy as usual for you guys. Hugs!


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