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Jul 15, 2015

Cow Appreciation Day 2015

I know you love this post every year; watching me make a fool of myself once again. I used to worry about what people think, but not any more. Although I guess I do care a little.

Dog Walker was trying to get our costumes ready and he cut all the cow spots into squares to save felt. I couldn't deal with that so I had to go through and cut off all the rough corners, but I think that's mostly the farmer's daughter in me. I know what a cow is really supposed to look like.

I also sent the Dog Walker into Riverton Music in his costume to buy valve oil for his trumpet rather than going in myself in my costume. He seriously looked ridiculous. He had a hat with these little horns he had made out of rolled up white paper. At least it was better than last week when he told me he was going to dress up as a "red bull." I finally convinced him that he had to do the Holstein. They are pretty nice at Chick FilA, but I didn't think they would buy a totally red cow.

We decided to visit the Jordan Landing store and seriously, the line was out the door about 50 feet all the way to the drive-up and then some. We almost turned around and left, but we only had an hour and a half before volleyball and I was hoping the line would move quickly.

We ultimately ended up waiting about 45 minutes before we could place our orders, but it was totally worth it! Do you know that with the 13 of us, Chick FilA gave us $89 worth of free food? Now where else can you get such an amazing deal?!

And all you have to do is look silly.
I'm there.


Anonymous said...

I admire that with your large family you take advantage of many free offers..Not many would take that many kids to get a free meal and yourself..But it is wonderful, we don't go out much just a two..But I do take advantage of BOGO offers wherein the second product is free and use double coupons on the original purchase saving more than 50% on non food items we use the most in our household..the company makes out well beacause not everyone dresses up and they still sell their dinners..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is Chik fil la I meant to say..Now if the cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory was a liitle more than 50% off for two days coming soon, we would get just the regular cheesecake to go, but it is expensive just for the regular cheesecake and the place would be so packed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bossy said...

Mom don't forget to put this on the so jo chickfila facebook page and instagram with #sojocad2015 so we can will a prize!

LeAnn said...

Loved all the fun pictures and I think it is an awesome thing to do. I loved that you can get your meals paid for this way. Way to go girl! Blessings and hugs for all~


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