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Jul 31, 2015


Today was a good day.

We got on the road before 10:00 and headed for the Houston Space Center. My sweetie and I have been super-excited about this stop. I don't think quite so much for the kids. The first thing we did was get in line for a tram ride. It took us to see the rockets and how they are designed. It was hot, but worth it. The rockets are huge!

Then we watched a movie that talked about all the space missions and showed actual footage from them. After the movie was over, we were allowed into an exhibit hall that showed moon rocks, the space shuttle, and the command module. We hurried through the other exhibits even though my sweetie said he would have loved to spend the entire day there because some of us had tickets for the Astros game tonight.

We stopped at a pizza buffet on our way back to the hotel to change and then Princess, Teach, their guys, and my sweetie and I climbed back in the van and headed for downtown Houston. We had to walk about 6 blocks to the ballpark, and that was a little sketchy. 

The game was 0 - 0 until the bottom of the 9th when Houston scored a homerun with two men on to win the game 3 - 0. I just love baseball. These seats were not nearly as comfortable as the ones in the Ranger's stadium, although it was nice to not have the kids complaining every five minutes.

I have lots of pictures for you today. I'm trying to get better at remembering.


Denise said...

I am glad it was a good day.

LeAnn said...

I have been enjoying all the pictures that you posted. Wow, i imagine that the visit to the space center was very interesting. Then to attend another baseball game; that is awesome. Of course, I told you I love baseball too.


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